Autorun.inf Maker

Autorun.inf Maker is a freeware utility designed to assist in the creation of Autorun.inf files.

Autorun.inf files allow the cd's you create to automatically launch an
application when the cd is inserted in the cd player. Simply place
the file you create with Autorun.inf maker in the root directory of your cd.

Download Autorun.inf Maker (56k) for Windows 95 or higher or NT

This file is not compressed. It is the actual program.
From the browser prompt, either select 'Save' to save it to your
hard drive or run it from its current location. The latter prompt
actually downloads the program to your temporary files area and is
no less secure than saving and running the application.

Download Autorun.inf Maker Zipped (21k) for Windows 95 or higher or NT

Autorun.inf Maker requires the Visual Basic 5 runtime (Msvbvm50.dll). If you do not have
this file, please download it at Tucows.

I hope you find the program useful;

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