The AF FS Command JavaScript Library
Using JavaScript, it is possible to communicate with and control a Flash movie hosted in an HTML page. It is also possible to have the same level of control and communication with multiple Flash movies in the same document or across windows and frames.

This library contains functions for the standard methods of interaction with Flash movies (as documented on the Flash Methods page at Macromedia) and additional functions for the time and date, cookie control, creating windows, and for interacting with site visitors via message boxes.

With this library, you can create multiple movie references. This means that you will be able to control more than one Flash movie. The references you create can be to movies in the same document or in different frames or windows. And, making a function enact upon a movie is as simple as sending the number you used to create the reference as a part of the current function's arguments.

The functions in this library may be called either from FS Commands inside of a Flash movie, from JavaScript calls from within HTML, or from Get URL JavaScript calls from inside of a Flash movie.

These methods will not work with Internet Explorer on Macs. This lack of functionality is a brower issue with communication with plugins and cannot be resolved by anyone except MicroSoft.

The templates were updated on March 28, 2000. Posted templates no longer include second object and embed pair from the testing environment. No additional functions added.

To get a quick view of some of the things that are possible with this library, see the examples.

For more detailed information on the library, see the reference area.

To get the library, see the download area.

As of this posting, the library has been tested only on Windows. If you are a Mac or Windows user and encounter any difficulties with the examples, please contact me with a bug report.

In the future, more functions will be added to this library. If you have an idea for a function you would like to see added, please contact me with your idea. (To be added to the library, a function must have some general appeal, and not all suggestions will be added.)

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